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Transform Your Journey: Embrace Joyful Weight Loss Naturally

Discover Lasting Wellness with Easy, Effective, and Holistic Nutrition Transformations

Weight Management


Kids Nutrition

Women Care

Unlock Your Transformation: Tailored Coaching for Sustainable Weight Loss


Assessment : Schedule a Consultation with Our Experts to Uncover How We Can Craft Your Ideal Path to Health Success

Customize : Get a Customized Plan Tailored to Your Needs, Seamlessly Integrated into Your Daily Routine

Follow up : Stay on Track with Your Dedicated Coach, Track Progress and Get Answers to Your Questions and Concerns

Results : Experience Lasting Well-being Through Transformative Changes in Nutrition, Eating Habits, and Lifestyle Choices


Go Backward is a concept based on the life choices followed by our ancestors to lead a healthy life. We hereby emphasize the importance of following their footsteps to eradicate the problems that we deal with today such as various health issues, short life spans, depression, and many more.

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Meet our Award Winning Founder 
Dietitian Poonam Sagar

Poonam Sagar is a well-known dietitian in the health and wellness sector, Her exceptional work in encouraging healthy eating practises and lifestyle modifications has been recognised and rewarded due to her years of experience and skill in the field. Dietitian Poonam Sagar, has been honoured by the Madhya Pradesh government’s Home Minister, IPS Kiran Bedi and many more, for her contributions to the health and wellness industry and as the most innovative businessperson in the region.


Start the Journey to Good Health

Choose a program that matches your health goal




Tracking meal composition, portion sizes, and nutritional

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Consult for Diet, Health, Habits and Nutrition of Kids.

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PCOD, Thyroid, Diabetes, Renal

Therapeutic formulated diets.

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Women care

Lactation, Post partum Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy's, Diet Plan and Nutrition


Begin Your Journey to a Healthier You Today, Connect with Our Experts for Personalized Guidance.

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