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Weight Management

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Weight Loss Plans 

Weight Gain Plans

Start from Rs 999/Month 
Start from Rs 999/Month 
Guaranteed Results

We guarantee you the we can bring your weight within your desired range with just one condition “Follow the diet”

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Experienced Team of Dieticians

Our experienced team of dieticians with their past experience of working under the brands such as Apollo and VLCC help you gain/lose what you desire.

Weekly Follow-ups

We continuously follow up with our clients in order to keep them motivated and be updated regarding their lifestyle/routine changes so that we can adjust their diet plan accordingly.

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Lifestyle Based Curated Diet Plans

You got a sedentary job or you are field person, we got you covered. Our diet plans are such that they will maintain your daily energy level and keep you active and energetic all day long simultaneously keeping your weight goals in mind.

Personal Diet Assistant

Imagine what weight goals you can achieve if you have a personal diet assistant with you, who can guide you on everything you do or eat in order to achieve your goals faster.

Multiple Food Options

Diet chart sounds monotonous or boring but with our experienced team of dieticians we make your diet charts filled with multiple options to eat. In this manner you get a lot of delicious dish options which you cannot get bored of.

Dietitian Poonam Sagar
Ex-Apollo Nutritionist

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